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Website Optimizer

Website Optimizer by Google is a free tool that can help improve the effectiveness of your landing pages for conversion rate optimization. Website Optimizer allows you to create A/B experiments and multivariate tests, to measure the effectiveness of different variations of your landing page(s). Website Optimizer randomly displays different variations of your landing page to your visitors and help you analyze the experiment data in easy to understand reports. The video below will give you a good idea as to how Website Optimizer works.


Website Optimizer uses two types of testing for conversion optimization: A/B testing and multivariate testing.

An A/B experiment allows you to test the performance of two (or more) entirely different versions of a landing page. You can change the content of a page, alter the look and feel, or adjust the layout of your alternative page. A/B experiments allow for design freedom when comparing the effectiveness of two different pages. It’s the simpler type of test, and works best with pages that don’t get a lot of traffic.

Multivariate tests allow you to test multiple variables (design elements) simultaneously. For example, you could identify the headline, image, and promo text as parts of your page you’d like to improve, and try out three different versions of each one. Website Optimizer would then show users different combinations of those versions (let’s say, Headline #2, Image #3, and Promo Text #1) to see what users respond to best.

Multivariate tests are more complicated and typically require higher page traffic to produce statistically significant results.


Crazyegg is visual analytics tool that uses heat mapping and confetti features to help you understand user behavior. Once registered, you can create a profile for the page(s) you want to track and begin your test. Once you install the Crazyegg Javascript tracking code, Crazyegg generates real-time visual reports on visitor click data using a number of different views including overlay (shown below), heat map and confetti.

Results from your Crazyegg tests will allow you to analyze visitor behavior and re-position page elements (buttons, links, images and text) to help improve conversion optimization on your landing pages.

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