Core Team

Dylan is the founder of One Net Marketing. In 2007, he left his post as Account Director at ValueClick Inc, one of the world’s largest integrated online marketing companies, to create One Net Marketing. Dylan has driven results for clients such as RealNetworks, CBS, Expedia, Verizon and Adobe/Macromedia. He is an expert in digital strategy, SaaS product development, and customer acquisition. On the weekends he explores the steepest snow peaks in North America on his snowboard.

Dylan Touhey
Founder / Board Member

Nicole is a principal at One Net and our Creative Director. Aside from her background in video journalism and a decade of marketing experience with clients like Thomson Reuters, Intuit and Google. Nicole is an accomplished cross-platform Impact Producer as head of One Net Studios. Nicole is also the co-creator of “Hipster Bait,” and she is currently producing AMPLIFY HER, a feature length documentary. See all of Nicole's exciting projects over at

Nicole Sorochan
Creative Director & Principal

Charles has forgotten more code than your average developer ever bothered to learn. A seriously talented coder with 15 years of experience in Javascript, PHP, and SQL databases, Charles works hard and fast. Charles is also an expert in HTML5 and CSS web development and has extensive experience building custom sites and applications using open source technologies such as Symfony, WordPress, and Javascript. He has also been known to have some serious acting chops and moonlights in the occasional video production.

Charles Neigum
Sr. Developer

As our resident JavaScript ninja, Joey is a seasoned developer with over 20 years of professional coding experience. At agencies like Leo Burnett, as a freelancer and more, he’s had play of time to hone his coding expertise. Today he works his legendary skills in W3C compliant XHTML and CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, Ruby on Rails and many more. Developer by day, musician by night, Joey also founded his own record label, Stand One Records and loves to jam on the guitar in his downtime!

Joey Caughey
Sr. Developer

Kristen is an expert animator and has worked on videos for Google’s DoubleClick, Thomson Reuters, eBillity, Wealthfront, and Google’s Wildfire. She is a master of AfterEffects, storyboarding, and motion graphics. She is also a talented storyteller. Her first film “Brücke” screened at the Victoria Film Festival and at SFIndie Fest and is currently distributed through Moving Images in Vancouver.

Kristen Turcotte
Animation & Motion Graphics Artist

Deanna gets to relive her childhood passion of playing Dress Up every day – only these days she pretends to be other people without wearing their clothes. Although slightly less invigorating, the satisfaction of delighting a client with a polished video script, content strategy or catchy tagline more than makes up for the absence of feather boas and tap shoes. Dee has worked on projects for neat companies like Binatone UK, Western Union, Zirx, Intuit, and loads of other smaller brands.

Deanna Ladret
Content Director

A marketing enthusiast who knows her way around a spreadsheet, Brianne has collected years of certifications and experience in digital marketing, including Google Analytics & AdWords. From an in-house marketing team to freelancing in web design and content strategy, Brianne brings a hefty mix of experience to the One Net team—particularly in the financial services realm, where she spent two years as a marketing manager working with advisors and investors. She has a BA from the University of Victoria (2013) and is now working on her MBA.

Brianne Dromey

Corbin unwittingly gave up a male modelling career to make pretty landing pages and bright interfaces. He is a budding expert in designing interfaces for Android and iOS. A master beard-grower and casual beekeeper, Corbin loves designing for start-ups and SaaS products. He also believes in clarity and brevity. He resides in a small, perfectly white house with nothing inside of it; not even toilet paper (it’s bad for the environment, and the biodegradable brand is just not soft enough).

Corbin Ching
Lead Designer

For more than a decade, Carol-Lynne has been skill-hunting and gathering. Her skills and experience span theatre production and performance, communications and media relations, event management, and presentation coaching. In 2010, Carol-Lynne co-founded the first large-scale TEDx event in Victoria and led TEDxVictoria for more than four years. She is a gap-finder and filler, ready to produce solutions for the problems of today and tomorrow.

Carol-Lynne Michaels
Producer / Team Lead

For more than 10 years Nathan's has been sharpening his design chops. As a master of interaction design, Nathan takes pride in delighting users with subtle animations, transitions and intuitive clean design. Nathan doesn't just deliver impeccably organized PSD files - he goes one step further to make his designs come to life with advanced skills in CSS, HTML5 and Javascript.

Nathan Sorochan
Sr. Designer

Before unleashing his creative fury on the world of advertising, Michael toured the country with his rock & roll band, “Jeffery Sez.” Now, with slightly shorter hair and an unstoppable talent for producing idea after idea, Michael has become One Net’s secret concepting weapon. If you’ve seen the hit show PORTLANDIA, his typography was used in the show, as well as downloaded over 3 million times on the inter-webs. He is the co-creator of Hipster Bait. He is loud, always on, and habitually creating.

Michael Tension
Ideation Lead & Art Director

Shen learned his UX skills on the hard corporate streets of Toronto. He got his start as a programer at IBM, created beautiful layouts for the Comedy Network’s show Ugly Americans, and worked as a concept artist for the social gaming company GameHouse Canada. His star-sign is libra, which means he has an excellent sense of balance, a skill he puts to work when designing interfaces that look pretty and work. In his free time, he enjoys playing StarCraft 2 and coding in his bathrobe.

Shen Lee
UX Designer

A craftsman of search engine marketing and meticulous maintainer of the much-coveted three-day hipster five o’clock shadow beard, Trenton emerges from the depths of search analytics to produce campaigns that convert. Trenton holds impressive knowledge of Google Analytics, SEO, and multi-channel attribution. He is a certified Google AdWords professional and helped to run the SEM program for a large Canadian university.

Trenton Crawford

Adrienne comes to us all the way from Maine and she’s got some pretty serious design skills under her belt. She has previously worked as a Marketing Director and as a Graphic & Web Designer for both US and Canadian companies. Adobe CC is her weapon of choice, but she also dabbles in photography and coding. With a BFA in Graphic Design from the Rochester Institute of Technology, she is one talented gal. Adrienne is also a lobster enthusiast and full of fun facts about them... just ask her!

Adrienne Michalakis
Production Designer

Manuel is a multi-talented, world-travelling Spanish Translator from Mexico who has been translating for over 20 years between Spanish and English. He brings experience as a journalist from his time at Excélsior, a Mexican newspaper, where he had his own column, and later as a writer and translator for United Press International (UPI). Manuel is currently studying for his PhD in Spanish American Literature at the University of Toronto and is a member of the Society of Translators and Interpreters of BC.

Manuel Campirano
Spanish Copywriter

By far the best looking member of the team, Pepper is the self-designated Chair of the Welcoming Committee. Pepper’s infectious personality and eager disposition ensure she’s the life of the party. And not unlike a dinner host who’s had a few cocktails before answering the door, this one might move in for a kiss when you thought you were just shaking hands. When she’s all tired out from making the rounds, Pepper can be found sleeping on the floor across the busiest and narrowest thoroughfare of the office.



You may have seen David on the hit reality TV show, Cover Me Canada with his talented band. Or perhaps heard his music floating behind the voice of Ryan Reynolds in the documentary, “The Whale”. David composes and records all of the original music that we use in our video projects. He holds a Master’s Degree in Music Technology from NYU and more accolades than we have room to list. In the early mornings when the rest of One Net is sleeping, David heads to the water to fly-fish.

David Parfit
Composer & Audio Engineer

Erin thrives on the creative process of shaping meaningful and entertaining content, while taking immense joy in keeping everybody 'on task'. She loves spread-sheety paperwork and gets a buzz doing budgets and financing structures. Before One Net, Erin was the Vice President at May Street Productions. Her roles included Producer, Writer, Director, Host and Business Affairs nerd for socially-conscious TV documentary specials and series for Discovery, W Network, CBC and APTN.

Erin Skillen
Producer & Project Manager

We scooped Graeme straight outta college, quickly promoting him from intern to full-time Developer. An expert in PHP, HTML 5 and Javascript – and proficient in CSS3, SQL and basically everything else – this rising star still finds the time to lay down hip hop beats on Ableton after jamming out code for 8 hours straight. We think it’s funny when people who do Java don’t drink coffee, and Graeme is kind enough to indulge us with a good natured chuckle every time we mention it.

Graeme Scott