Wildfire by Google
Customer Acquisition Case Study

Wildfire by Google

We worked with Wildfire for 2+ years, helping them sell their enterprise software to Fortune 500 brands.

Wildfire by Google is the world’s most popular social media analytics and management software. Brands like Diet Mountain Dew, Puma, Benefit UK, and the New York Giants use Wildfire to launch global social campaigns and measure their impact.

Google’s team wanted us to create a demo video to give enterprise buyers a virtual tour of their social media suite and what resulted was "one of the most successful pieces of sales collateral [Google] ever used.” 


Wildfire by Google had plenty of market awareness. They were featured on the cover of Advertising Age, used by 30 of the world’s top 50 brands, and well known in their market. Trust wasn’t an issue. If a prospect knows about your brand, you don’t need to hit them with high-level sales material. This is particularly true for enterprise software, as prospects need information and research to justify adopting a new technology.

Our solution was a 12-minute demo video, showing the product in action and helping prospects to concretely see how Wildfire could help them launch their social campaigns, manage their brand’s audience, and analyze their results.

Keeping prospects watching

While we had lots of persuasive case studies to work with, the bigger challenge was visualizing the script. Enterprise buyers need details but just showing interface shots and stats would be visually repetitive and bore prospects. Our solution was to combine animation and live action. This makes abstract benefits (like multi-channel attribution), concrete and believable.

Make it easy

We also broke down each feature into chapters. Users can click to a section that interests them or revisit a particular feature. We coded a custom HTML player to display our videos in a consumable format.

Our Production Process

Production begins and our team turns into elves. We’ve created fictional brands to tell stories in the videos, filmed dancing dogs, and animated interfaces. Our goal is always to make abstract benefits (like easier workflow or ROI) concrete, simple, and visual.For a sizzle video for Wildfire, we created a fictional cosmetics brand to demonstrate complex product features.

Using make believe
to make them believe

To demonstrate Wildfire’s ability to help manage millions of fans, we created a fictional YouTube video contest. The idea was to show how content involves many different creators all working together to tell your brand’s story.

Out of the box is not good

Using stock music for video is like using stock images on your website. Just terrible. Our audio engineer writes and records original music for each video.


Although Google doesn't disclose revenue figures, we know the videos we created for Wildfire have generated thousands of leads and were cited by the Google team as “one of the most successful pieces of sales collateral we’ve ever used.” This is a true testament to the persuasive power of video in complex B2B sales cycles.

Our creative approach to software videos can improve your close rates.

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