Customer Acquisition Case Study

$3,979,836 in new business to 1E.com

$9.22 return for every $1 spent on paid search and display

1E, a global leader in enterprise IT efficiency software, hired us to increase software trial downloads and product inquiries. While 1E had a good offline reputation for providing enterprise level IT software, their website was nothing more than a brochure.

We helped 1E discover the power of search engines for getting new leads to their enterprise IT software products. Our digital campaigns generated a $9.22 return for every $1 spent.

The power of long-tail in B2B lead generation

To sell enterprise software, you need to reach a very specific audience. Increasing traffic might look good on your monthly report, but it won’t do much to increase new business inquiries.

We knew that 1E’s prospects were highly educated CTOs and IT managers at worldwide organizations. Their largest customers have more than 300,000 seats and spend millions every year on IT related software solutions. This was a very complex sales cycle and needed more than SEO tweaks or a benefit-laden landing page.

Our team began by looking at search trends and deep site analytics. We knew that long tail keywords—very specific search queries—were critical to reaching the right prospects through our search and display advertising campaigns.

We developed a list of 1700 long-tail phrases to build digital marketing campaigns around. These long lists had a lower impact on traffic and rankings—but they resulted in a higher impact to revenue, product trial downloads, and new business inquires passed to the 1E sales team.

Plugging into conversions

1E purchased our full-service retainer, which includes direct response and inbound marketing, design, copywriting, and conversion optimization services. We launched hyper-targeted ads across multiple search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc). This allowed us to reach their enterprise buyers and influence them across the B2B vendor evaluation process.

  • Online advertising placed on highly relevant IT sites, blogs, video sites, online publications, content repositories, and IT forums.

  • Organic search results (for non-branded as well as branded keywords).

  • Distributed content to online repositories and education sites (e.g.http://www.scribd.com/IT_efficiency).

  • Video search engine optimization (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo).

Conversion goals and funnels were also used to quantify the ROAS of our digital marketing campaigns and were linked to online success metrics (e.g. product trial downloads) and offline (e.g. in-person meeting requests at conferences). We constantly observed visitor behavior and performed attribution analysis. This allowed us to track everything from meeting requests to whitepaper downloads.

Impact dashboard:

Here is the value we delivered to 1E.

Discover the power of search and display for B2B software sales

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